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Update by user Mar 27, 2016

They have yet to remove the link using my business name under the pretense of going to make to an appointment with me and instead , taking the people who google my name to a list of MyTime suscribers competitors of mine.

It is the equivalent of standing in front of my mail box pretending to be me, taking my mail from the mailman and giving it to my neighbors because I will not pay up to go along with the scam . It is called moderm day racketeering and we will stop it. Yet another way people who don't produce anything of value try to skim the rest of us.

Update by user Feb 16, 2016

They have now removed the ability for people to make an appointment with me on their site, but they STILL have a link using MY NAME to pull people into their site under the false pretense of connecting them with me. I want any use of my business name removed from their site or listings.

It is not good enough to claim on the last page that comes up that you have no association with me if you have already done your dirty work before people get to that disclaimer.

I am spreading the word locally among small businesses that work with appointments. We are getting some momentum.

Update by user Feb 14, 2016

I own a hair salon. When doing an internet search of my salon, a listing came up in third place, after yelp and groupon, under my name , that said "book an appointment from ( my salon And address).

Find reviews, pricing and book them in one click" .

Then came,( under the heading of my salon's name and location, with a map of my location, but without my phone number so people could not reach me) a full page menu of generic salon services (not mine) with random business hours (not mine) and it said "request an appointment" as if this were a site connected to my business. At the same time you are being bombarded with advertising for other salons nearby in the page margins.

When you clicked "request an appointment" you were then taken to a calendar, presumably mine, to pick a time. Then a form for you, the client, to fill with your info came up. After that was filled,they emailed you a notice saying that your appointment was pending, again, featuring my business name, as if I was somehow part of that process.

A live person from "The MyTime team" eventually contacts the business to talk on behalf of the said client and try to sell you MyTime services. The time elapsed between my potential client looking for my info on line and MyTime trying to do their booking in my name contacting me was, on two occasions, between 20 minutes and five hours. In other words, they are holding my business traffic hostage while they use that time to further their own business cause, posing as my booking agents and stalling my business traffic. Does any one see the parasitic nature of this?

How many of my clients gave up on me and went somwhere else thinking that I was not reachable on their terms, thinking this was the way I do business.If the reviews on this site say any thing at all, this has been going on for at least 8 months. How many people are aware of this fraud of impersonation and misleading? none of the stylist I have talked to so far knew about MyTime rerouting their scheduling requests under misleading headings using their business name and identities . The potential client eventually get an email telling them if MyTime could, or could not book the appointment for them.

In one case I was never contacted. A message was left on my answering machine, only partially intelligible and with a call back number that was disconnected. What is the economic cost of such hijacking to my, or anyone else's unsuspecting business?

This has to stop.

It says in VERY small characters at the VERY bottom of the service menu, that "MyTime is not sponsored, associated or affiliated with or endorsed by this merchant.

Any trademark used above to identify the name of this merchant is the property of its respective owner" Who care if they acknowledge On the next page that they don't own my name, they are using it anyway to deceive my potential customer.

They are parasites, identity thieves, and bullies, and even after (on my request,) they removed the ability for people to schedule through them, my name still comes up in their listing, being diverted under the false pretense of making an appointment in one click, only to give them a chance to get extra traffic to their site. This is called interfering with other peoples business operations .

Original review posted by user Feb 12, 2016

They are misrepresenting themselves online as able or authorized to make appointments for me. They are not.

It said click here to make an appointment with my salon. My salon name would come up online on top of a menu page of services that were not mine, with a map with my actual location but hours of business that were wrong. A Page would then come on the screen to book an apointment with me where you had to register as if you were going to be connected with me and you chose an appointment. They would send a message to the supposed client's email saying that their request was pending, while a third party tried to contact me by phone (someone in India, from the accent).

All the while wasting my client's time who was thinking I was part of this process. In the meantime, they send advertising of other salons who have accounts with MyTime to MY potential customer. Basically, they are hijacking my business by pretending to schedule people for me. In the end , MyTime sent the client an email saying that my business does not schedule through them and urging them to pressure me to sign up with MyTime.

Basically: They are diverting my business by using my name fraudulently and misleading people to think they using a service I suscribe to.

It is a scam and identity fraud at best. I am taking this to the attorney general, BBB and fraud protection.

This reviewer shared experience about not as described and wants this business to "class action lawsuit for fraud and id theft" as the author lost $5000. yvette2016 is overall dissatisfied with Mytime and uploaded picture s. The most disappointing about mytime customer care at Mytime was misrepresention, identity fraud and unethical Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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That's not how Mytime works at all. Maybe you should do some research before you slander people online.

I've gotten hundreds of new customers from MyTimes service for free, and they give you the toption to remove your business, anyway. Get

to Beslr #1134470

Um actually I've become a victim too. They stole my info and created an account without my knowledge.

Started booking patients and taking payments for eye exams without my knowledge or approval. This is not OK.

Nobody is slandering people online.

to Beslr #1134641

I am stating what happened to me. I cannot answer to what happened to you, "Beslr"nor why, if you are so happy with MyTime, you happen to be visiting a site like " Pissed", unless you are on the payroll of MyTime trying to vouch for them.

This is not a site for popular contests contributors, but for problem resolutions. How did you happen to read this if you are so delighted with them stealing my client leads to give them to their suscribers?

Are you on the benefiting end of their racketeering?

Chicago, Illinois, United States #1117199

Hijacked my business name. Without my knowledge of taking appointments for my business.

Called me anonymously. That's a red flag right there!

to Djinn #1134484

Agree! Same thing happened to me.

This is not OK. I want them shut down!

to Djinn Seattle, Washington, United States #1135886

state attorney general handles class action lawsuits. hard to argue with the facts: it is fraud.

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